He was only five and a half when he was diagnosed with colon and pancreatic cancer.  The hospital released him stating they can't operate stage IIIC. Some of the additional comment were "don't expect a miracle, he might survive this". Even though they opened his stomach to avoid misdiagnosis, they didn't extract his appendix which is a common procedure to avoid this type of cancer from spreading. After his first consultation with Andras Koavcs-Magyar (founding scientist of Matrix Drops), his CT and ultrasound showed a significant improvement, and after a couple of weeks his cancer was gone. He was taking personalized Matrix Drops during his recovery.

Last year, a wart started to develop on his palm. He immediately started to take the Matrix Drop 416 (potency F and L) for a month. The wart disappeared completely. He is one of the lucky ones who didn't need any surgery to remove it.  


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