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About Dr. Andrea Vencel

My great love for animals led me to the veterinary profession. Since my childhood I knew I would like to help animals and heal them. 

I finished my studies in 2001 at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia. After my studies, for a year I worked as a resident veterinarian in a mixed practice in Slovakia. Then I continued my veterinary career in different animal clinics and pet hospitals diagnosing and treating animals in Prague, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, the United Kingdom and Budapest. I worked night shifts and weekend shifts too in pet hospitals. In Budapest I also had opportunities to work in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry for companies specialising in manufacturing and supplying veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Through my training and day-to-day work as a veterinarian I got closer to understanding animals.

However, something was still missing and I couldn’t find the answer to some of my questions. I was searching for more than the conventional veterinary medicine where I could save lives with life-saving surgeries on pets or giving the needed life-saving medication. I knew there is more to a life of an animal than just the physical body. 

I saw each of my patients as individuals with their individual needs and wanted to combine the great achievements of western medicine with this elusive, missing piece. 

And in 2012 the introduction of the unique invention of Mr. Andras Kovacs-Magyar, the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) and Matrix Drops Quintessence answered my questions. The MDC not only sees the physical body of an animal, but it is also able to provide feedback about each living being’s energy field and it is capable of reading their souls. Immediately, I knew I found the right path where I can combine my knowledge of veterinary medicine with the great knowledge of this unique invention of Mr. Andras Kovacs-Magyar. With the MDC and Matrix Drops Quintessence a bright star of healing methods was born in the sky and this star will always shine.