by Audree Lapierre


honey bees final.jpg

SOLUTION: MD 2019 and MD 2020 Drops.

How can we save the honey bees from extinction?


In ‘protection’ of the honey bees with Matrix Drops

We would like to introduce you a new Matrix Drop (MD 2019 and MD 2020), our experimental research which targets and augments the living bees’ physical and mental state and strength. We have considered the other dangers threatening them, such as the after effects of pesticide, resistance to antibiotics, both, in their bodies individually, and as a colony.

In today’s world, where everybody promises and guarantees, we do not promise nor guarantee, but deliver results. Radiesthesia can detect the ‘aura growth’ of any beehive. Those who use our products, Matrix Drops can call an experienced ,skilled professional of radiesthesia to measure the aura of any beehive. As surprising, as it may sound, the aura of the beehive colonies will increase using  the Matrix Drops. As their auras augments, sure will their energy, strength, vitality, and spiritual strength.

Observe carefully the Matrix Drops consuming beehive colony’s performance, and most importantly, the change regarding their state of  infection and contamination. Passing on this article could result in a significant help for beekeepers and beehive farms around the world. It opens new doors in their bitter disappointing loss.

Our complex Matrix Drops are water-based, do not contain any chemicals, pesticide, only pure ‘elemental information’. Prepared with a specific quantum physical method. 

There are two existent types we highly encourage; MD 2019 and MD 2020. We recommend the 2019 for daily use, and the 2020 for a monthly consumption. Some bee keepers dip paper in it and place it into their hives. Diligent insects as they are, carry out every single alien materials or unknown objects from the hive. Therefore, they get in contact with the dipped paper which contains the Matrix Drops. The Drops are excellent carriers of information, thus a small amount is sufficient to impregnate the area around the honey bees.