our mission

Matrix Drops has created a new category in the alternative health industry by converting advances in quantum physics into effective quantum technology and products available to people, animals, and plants in their everyday lives.  Matrix Drops Protocol promotes a healthier and long living through its extraordinary protocol. Matrix Drop’s mission is to solve the biggest challenges in health industry.


We offer physical and spiritual treatment through our programmed waters (MD Drops),  along with a higher quality of life and health. 

The modern digital world has not only made the production of programmed water more effective, but it has also allowed the development of our MD Computational device. A computer operating on quantum physical principles able to detect physical, mental traumas, and symptoms, exploring the human soul, thoughts and feelings. It detects painful past and present memory weights, as well as anticipating future possible outcomes. Additionally, assigns the adequate MD Drops according to our individual problems. 

The Matrix Drops Computer (MDC), similar to a mobile phone or digital camera, uses Fourier functions during operation. While other devices convert sounds and images, the Matrix Drops Computer converts our thoughts, feelings, memory weights, traumas, syndromes, symptoms,  and our heart fields into mathematical functions. With its special sensors, it scans the fine regions of our soul, filters the information distortions and converts the resulting mathematical functions into words and sentences decoding our main issues.

This special quantum physical device is available for purchase for professionals and non professionals and highly recommended by the inventor-engineer, Mr. Andras Kovacs-Magyar and entire family. 

We live in the age of information. Take advantage of the uplifting information, delivered by the Matrix Drops products, harmonizing mind, body and spirit.