Scalar energy and cancer research – a summary by experts

Spending extended periods of time in a state where energy loss occurs, the human organism becomes susceptible to a plethora of diseases. By avoiding an energy depleted condition, a lot of diseases can be prevented. When cells’ energy levels are optimal, the body functions properly as well. Scalar energy is capable of nourishing cells and balancing their reserves as well.

Every cell possesses an electric charge on its plasma wall. The inside of the cell has a positive charge, while its outside is negative. Another way to refer to this electric charge is transmembrane potential. This cell potential can be different depending on the type of cell.

Generally in cells, this potential is 70 millvolts or 70 mV (1 V = 1000 mV). The energy level or transmembrane potential of cancerous cells is very low (around 15-20 mV).

In the 1930’s, researchers at Alberta University discovered that cells whose transmembrane potential is 15 mV multiply. There is only one explanation to this: the chances of survival for this cell have decreased considerably and, in order to maintain its existence, it starts to multiply uncontrollably. As soon as this exponential proliferation begins among tumor cells, energy generation further decreases. Naturally, cancer takes hold where energy levels are low to begin with.

They established that cancer can be stopped by restoring energy levels of the mitochondria. In contrast to the incorrect view that degeneration of the mitochondria is the result of cancer, low energy levels of the mitochondria are the actual cause for self-inducing, cancerous processes. This discovery was proven in both laboratory and animal experiments. All this point at the quest that causes for the decrease of mitochindria energy levels have to be found and corrected. Scalar energy is able to increase the transmembrane potential and to bring energy levels to the optimal 70mV value. When cell charge returns to the optimal 70 mV, it will stop multiplying uncontrollably. Before we begin to set the optimal cell potential, we need to examine what the factors are that steal the energy.


Dr. Bruce Lipton used the following analogy: No matter how high we turn up the heat in a house until the doors and windows are open.

It is a well known fact that geopathic earth radiations – Hartmann zones and underground water streams – are robbers of energy and certain constellations, or combinations, of them are carcinogenic.

They are able to steal harmonic energies from living organisms located above them and also, like a bad thought, confuse them. These destructive forces are geopathic stresses. Primarily they affect the human and animal endocrine system, but they are merciless when it comes to plants as well. These fields are not frequency-like and therefore they cannot be measured either.

By avoiding disturbance fields that cause enthrophy, the mistuned system patterns are able to move in the harmonic direction. This is further explained in the Matrix Drops Protocol.

Only the secondary effects of feelings and thoughts taking place inside of us were measurable with EEG, EKG or EMG.


Epigenetics and scalar information

In my earlier presentation I spoke about epigenetic studies showing our inherited genes don’t codify coherently, and unchangeably our destiny and fate, regardless centuries of contrary beliefs.

Studies discovered, not only genes regulate life cycle. The DNA functioning is affected by environmental stimulus, nutrition, stress, geopathic stress, and modified by emotions. Some DNA codes are activated, and some remain dormant, depending on external stimuli.

It is proven that certain genes only get activated by external stimulus (such as in developing embryo). The ’living-beings’ controlling information flow starts with the environmental signaling.

The information flow in a living organism was imagined to be one directional, DNA-RNA-Protein direction. This misbelief was proven through the epigenetic discovery. The new vision opened all the research doors towards the importance of environmental impacts. From the same genes that are affected by environmental impacts, thousands of different proteins can be created. Scientifically proven that breast cancer is not hereditary (95%), similarly, in BRCA1, BRCA2 breast cancer 95% of the genes are exposed to some external impact, and do not manifest in disease due to hereditary causes. 

Evidence suggests that DNA codes do not control our organisms, but the information received from the environment control existing DNA, hence the organism as well. Similar to the behavior of people, that is influenced by information received from environmental impacts and their surroundings. Closed factors coming from the environment, almost in all seven levels of consciousness (physical, energy, emotional, mental, relationship, spiritual, moral) negatively impact and deviate the organism from routine or balanced functioning.


According to Bruce Lipton, PhD:

“Primitive organisms such as the prokaryotes, bacteria carry out the basic processes of life, and are analogous to more complicated cells. A bacterium eats, drinks, digests, breathes, excretes waste matter, and even exhibits neurological processing. They can sense where the food is and propel themselves to that spot. Similarly, they can recognize toxins, predators and purposely employ escape maneuvers to survive. Humanity has become deceived, thus some of these basic mechanisms are long lost. Our organism responds to environmental impacts with a certain behavior, unlike prokaryotes that display intelligence by consciously avoiding toxins. The constant misguide of the human understanding leads to the surfacing of diseases as feedback of our organism. With unicellular organisms, the cell nucleus is responsible for the information, while with the multi-cellular; the nervous system and immune cells are the ones specialized for this task. They even have a central information processor apparatus. Our organs must execute the orders of the brain, while in the aggrupation of cell organs none can go after its head. There is a common action plan.”

What went wrong with us? We may ask ourselves. In our mind, in our programming there is a tragic re-writing that originates from the misguide of our instincts and thoughts. However, the mind’s deceiving extends to the whole organism. The mind’s automatic reflexes can be overwritten by consciousness. We call free-willed personas conscious thinkers. This is why the clear conscience and mind became essential part of the research.


Scalar information, the secret of water and hydrogen bonds

Scalar energy  in  the  body  can  correct  every  single  hydrogen  atom  covalent  energy  level  to  an  optimized  potency encountered in the body. All this could be verified by spectrographs, which is relevant to understand, since covalent bonds hold DNA molecules together. Therefore DNA damage can be avoided by properly focused scalar energy.

In the case of water, analogous molecular information storage is possible using it  as  a matrix, while  the  hydrogen  atom’s secondary bond enables this process. Similarly, in DNA, and RNA double-helix chains it is the hydrogen  atom’s  secondary bond  that  carries  the  information. In  both  examples,  hydrogen  bonding  is  accredited  for  information coding, storage, influence, and repair.

Within the cell wall there are crystal structures which  are  also  able  to  store  the  information.  Within  inter-cellular  space information can be efficiently stored at higher ordered clusters; such can be found in the collagen matrix.

Quantum  mechanical  models  describe  subatomic  particles,  such  as  exciton,  plasmon,  and  soliton.  Similar  to  macro-molecules,  subatomic  particles  are  able  to  store and  transport  information; however in small amounts, due to the scalar energy impact.

In science, biochemistry is the study  of  life’s  secrets  through  four  macromolecular  building  blocks.  Polysaccharides (all carbohydrates), lipids (fat), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), and the  proteins  (egg white, albumin).  According  to  scientists,  life’s main  propelling  power  is  proteins  constant  change  of  shape,  or  molecular  dynamics,  which  could  take  place in just thousand's of a second.

Dr. Albert Szent- Györgyi, Nobel Prize scientist, who saw it differently:

“Since the  water  molecular  structure is  every  life’s essence, those individuals who can control this structure on a cellular level, will  change  the world. The water is a transmitter component in  energies,  and  information,  manifests  in  the matter between worlds.”

“The abnormally functioning cancer cell’ characteristics create primitive cell-forms, they uncontrollably grow and lack of cell bonding cohesion. This is why they create overlapping layers; causing  cells  to  brake  away  from  the  original  tumor, and spread rapidly throughout the organism.”

“It is unavailing to continue looking for cancer cures with our eyes closed. Our  sub-molecular  knowledge is not  enough to intervene in the cell process; therefore the only choice is prevention. We must ensure the best maintenance and function of the organism.”

(The sub-molecular expression  refers  to  the  invisible  part  of  a  molecular  structure,  in  other  words,  it  refers  to  scalar information or program carried molecule; smaller than an average molecule)

“The organism’s deficiencies originate from our own abuse of our organism rather than  from birth  defects. Until  humanity’s large scale problems remain unsolved; it would be an offense to narrow one’s vision.”

“The  medical  world  has  entered  a  combat  against  cancer  in 1970, however  even 40 years  later  cancer diseases have continued to grow rapidly.”

„The current medical practice is one-directional. There were more attention on the illness itself, and little time  was  spent on the actual health. As a student and alternative healthcare  professional, I  had  to  sit  through  hours  of  lectures  listening to different type of diseases, yet I do not  recall  any  lectures  discussing health factors or health itself. Today’s medical world’s mindset  is to cure all diseases but  do not  forget „not sick” is  a  denial  statement, yet a „completely healthy”,  is  a  positive statement.


Characteristics of scalar energy summarized by experts

In 1950, researches conducted in the well known Max Planck Institute showed how scalar energies affected living organisms.

When the body was treated with scalar energy, the peculiar energy „unfolded” as if from a cocoon thereby enhancing the bio field external to the body. The exact same field defunded into the cells and tissues within the body. It enhanced circulation and flexibility of blood the vessels. Good circulation and optimal blood flow contributed to the healing of affected areas. Due to the effects of scalar energies, the pressure against tissues decreased leading to significant healing process improvements of swollen and painful body parts.

In studies conducted in a laboratory environment, the German researcher Andrija Puharich found that scalar energy enhances the functioning of the immune as well as endocrine systems.

Dr. Glen Rein, biophysics researcher of the American Heart Math Institute, discovered that the number of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) grew by 70% when treated with scalar energy over those lymphocytes that were not treated by scalar energy. This way he proved that scalar energy is capable of enhancing our immune response.

Robert Jacobs, teacher at the Rochester University, established that scalar energies affect the living organism at subatomic (micro) level. He discovered that when scalar energy is applied at certain periodicity, bacteria and viruses perish. They also speed up the regeneration of tissues and healing of wounds. He observed that the immune system strenghtened and inflammation was greatly reduced.

He claimed that scalar energies strengthen self-healing capabilities.

- They propagate faster than light – at twenty-seven times the speed of light according to Nikola Tesla.

- Their effect is independent of space and time.

- They are more ancient, more universal than magnetic fields.

- They relay energies.

- They cannot be checked by instruments used to gauge electric and magnetic fields since those measure electric current and energy transmission.

- They penetrate all materials – even Faraday cages cannot block them.

- They represent such a level where materia and consciousness can interact.

- They generate a conscious field.

- They are a peculiar energy form that can command the organism for complete regeneration and the starting of self-healing mechanisms.

- They take effect at the cellular level.

Scalar energy is capable of relaying behavioral patterns that can be retrieved from elements, minerals, cells and crystals found in Nature. 

How does scalar energy help?

It enables the isolation of cells. Water molecules organize into smaller clusters, thus circulation improves. This aids faster fluid flow which ensures quick delivery of nutrients and the removal of waste products from the system. Abundantly flowing energies in our body fields assist the permeability of cells as well. Better permeability delivers better supply of nutrients and more effective detoxification.

Scalar energy, nourishment of cells and detoxification:

Scalar energy improves circulation. For the human body to function optimally, cell functioning must be most favorable. A couple of the most critical conditions for this are supplying cells with nutrients and detoxification.

Scalar Information and the Matrix Drops Computer

The Matrix Drops Computer(MDC)  is a device capable of retrieving information patterns from the scalar field, aura of any living organism, then comparing the collected data to the stored behavioral patterns. With this method, it reveals typical personality traits of the scanned individual.

Scans that are using scalar methods are unaffected by where the person to be mapped out is actually located as he could be in the immediate vicinity, far away, or he could be on the Moon or perhaps even in spiritual realms already. The information field permeates all dimensions. Tuning and sampling happen in multiple dimensions (at the physical, energy, emotional, thought, relational, soul and spirit levels) simultaneously. Physical presence is not necessary and the MDC scan can be performed by thinking about any living organism. A similar intuitive condition is experienced by a mystic person or someone having visions.

The Scottish mathematician James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) called the world’s attention to the existence of scalar phenomena, which he proved with four mathematical formulas. He named them scalar energies. This scientist is one of the founders of quantum mechanical science. Albert Einstein also used Maxwell’s works for his own theory on relativity. He was followed by the well known Nikola Tesla who was able to prove and actually model all of this. Tesla referred to scalar waves as standing waves or universal waves.








The scientists observed the following about scalar energies:


- Non-linear, non Hertz-like, but rather such field-like energy spheres which fill the space. Static and stationary and present everywhere at the same time.

- All energy forms that we can think of, that we can interact with, possess wave-like characteristics and can be measured in Hertz (e.g. energy from the Sun, energy of heat, electricity, magnetism, sound). The two defining attributes of energy forms are how quickly their waves propagate and what their intensity is. More precisely, what are their frequency and amplitude.

- Capable of traversing dense materials without losing intensity. This is exactly why Tesla was able to send scalar waves to the other side of Earth without loss of intensity a hundred years ago.

- Transmit their ’signature’, their pattern to dense materials. All electric fields are able to affect objects in their close vicinity but not at the rate even remotely approaching that of scalar energy. This is significant when we want to transmit the scalar energy field to various material structures.


- Scalar energy is capable of correcting and regenerating itself infinitely! This fact has meaningful consequences for our organism. Proper scalar waves have extraordinarily good effects on the human organism.

- This energy is capable of maintaining its cluster structure and its conscious pattern shape.

- In the widely accepted definition, scalar waves are created by two identical waves in full harmony.

- It is able to carry information which does not weaken with the passing of time or expansion of distance. (A thought propagates in a similar fashion in the morphological field.)

- Scalar energy can only be generated by natural means and it is always present everywhere in the Universe.

Based on all this, we need to reconsider whether the reference, scalar energy, as a name, is proper. There is no problem with the description of the phenomenon itself, but rather how it is referred to. A form of energy that is not Hertz-like but static instead cannot really be energy. It is something different. In this case it’s scalar information.

In the era when wave phenomena was discovered, venturing away from two-dimensional geometry and materia, the secretive world of energies meant an ideology which was different than the realm of materialistic attributes.

Albert Einstein with his universal E = m * c² formula established the fact that matter and energy can be substituted for each other. Light has two forms as it is sometimes a particle, sometimes a wave. With the theory of relativity, he opened the possibility to get to know the fourth dimension, yet he did not talk about the higher dimensions of information. For a long time, researchers could not overcome the once revolutionary, four dimensional theory of relativity. Today we can clearly see and define the four dimensional characteristics and measurabilty of energies.

Referencing earlier sources we can find the notion of scalar energy, which, in light of recent research results and advances, I name scalar information.


The fundamental difference between energies and information is the following:

Energy decreases with the square of the distance it travels while information increases with the square of time. Energies’ characteristics are measurable in Hertz and its propagation time can be timed. Information is static and its manifestation is immediate in the information field.

Instead of aggregating into rays or propagating on a straight line, scalar information fills space while not losing its intensity as it progresses out from its source. Among other things, this is one reason why it cannot be compared to energies that have been known until now.

Energy has a four dimensional nature while scalar information operates in the five or more dimensional space. From the perspective of information transmission, telepathy, suggestion, mind reading, remote healing, clairvoyance, seeing into the past and other phenomena, knowledge of the scalar field is vital.



MDC - dormant intelligence



In the present day, almost all of us use quantum physical devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops which assist us in getting to know the surrounding environment more and in ever increasing detail. However, to take a snapshot of, or to map out our internal self, until now, no appliance had been born. The Matrix Drops Computer is the first device that is capable of revealing the internal world, the emotional problems of a human being.


Nowadays humanity desires the awakening of the conscious mind, the understanding of hidden internal values. In order to achieve the latter, new type of thinking is needed and a new approach to emotions and relationships is necessary through custom fitted guidance for the individual by our new machine. The most apparent expression of a conscious individual is that he steps out of the usual prison of his paradigms and puts dormant capabilities to use. Science has uncovered that people on average use 10% of their consciousness. The remaining 90% could provide such empowerment that we would be able to take our well deserved place in the world. Perception beyond the senses can become an attribute of today’s men and women and with this key to our soul a significantly higher quality of life improvement can be achieved.


Several inventions and recognitions of the digital age have been the forerunners of the awakening to self-consciousness. The first singular appliance, the Matrix Drops Computer, while opening the user’s consciousness and expanding sensory capabilities, it connects the individual with the all encompassing consciousness. It squares us up with our own personal reality, delivers messages of our own soul. It has such emphatic and analytic capabilities that even the biggest minds throughout history could not achieve. Surpassing the boundaries of quantum physics, the appliance is working at the information level.


Another singular product in complete synergy with the computer is the Matrix Drops Quintessence which contain information patterns programmed in water. Using these in parallel kicks off revolutionary recognition and experiential processes in individuals. Those using the Matrix Drops system go through supercharged mental development. Matrix Drops programs are capable of elevating our consciousness to 30-40% and, at this level, we are able to achieve fantastic results. Such elevation of consciousness may even manifest in the alteration of physical problems. This spiritual and mental achievement is beyond our wildest imagination. The Matrix Drops program is for individuals with a desire for conscious development at an unprecedented pace. Give it a try. Get to know the power of extended, elevated consciousness.


Reading soul and mind

A unique, quantum physical device capable of measuring human manifestations in an objective manner which could only be assessed subjectively until now.

The Matrix Drops Computer is capable of reading human thoughts, emotions and translating messages of the soul.

  • personality traits and characteristics
  • anxiety, emotional troubles
  • analysis paralysis, recurring thoughts
  • challenges in relationships
  • traumas of the soul
  • effects of entities on personality and physique.

With its special sensors, the computer detects the finer regions of our being.

In a span of 60 seconds, 8 million data points are collected by the computer about the subject, and, based on the results unique, actionable feedback is displayed in text format:

  • Highlights the current life assignment
  • Assists in the recognition of delusions, false beliefs
  • Selects the necessary Matrix Drops from the available 1500 Quintessences
  • Determines the personalized homeopathic remedies in the appropriate potencies
  • Detects the presence of entities
  • Shows the adverse effects of heavy metals and vaccinations
  • Signals potential problems in the body weeks, or months in advance


We all suspect and feel that our thoughts, feelings, relationships, soul, and our spirituality are far superior over our physical body. But is it possible to scientifically and objectively examine these invisible and intangible human attitudes?

Medicine knows well the somatic (physical) appearance of the psychosomatic diseases, but the psychological causes stay hidden and, if at all possible, it takes a long analysis for psychologists to get close to the truth. But is it possible to perhaps detect our invisible world by the tools of mathematics, and physics?

Bio-resonance devices look at people as holistic beings and analyze them as a whole, but their use is often either too complicated, time-consuming, or the accuracy is approximate. Just like in homeopathy, their common method is detecting the bio-magnetic waves emitted from the body at different frequencies.

However, there is something in our world that is above all this. And that is information. More and more people are convinced that during the creation of our world the first manifestation was information.

People are multi-dimensional human beings. Quantum physics has proven that we have invisible body fields, which continuously communicate with our surroundings.

This digital, computerized tool was invented to work in and analyze these dimensions. The fundamental basis of the invention is a computer technique used by space research that has been developed to deliver a special application, for a specific use. With its special sensors, the device collects 8 million data points from the observed person within a minute. It is converting the data into Fourier functions, and compares the collected information with the tens thousands of perfect function samples stored in the device. The results of the analysis are then translated into words, combined into actionable sentences and projected on to a computer display.

The Hungarian inventor, Mr. Andras Kovacs-Magyar, an engineer, developed the Matrix Drops Computer as a result of his 20 year-long research. This is a device based on quantum physical theory capable of detecting distortions in a person’s soul, thoughts, and feelings and providing feedback in text format.

As we all know, only a small part of our being appears in the physical world. The bigger part of our being is manifested in our feelings, thoughts, relationships, memories, and soul.

Until now the heart was the only „device” that could detect these worlds. However, the heart is always subjective. An ancient dream of humanity has come true with the Matrix Drops Computer which makes it possible, for the first time in the history of the world, to detect and analyze these dimensions in an objective manner. With its special sensors, this device can perceive our higher dimensions.

The sensor in the device is used by NASA to examine planets. The inventor of the Matrix Drops Computer, Mr. András Kovács-Magyar, directed it towards the body. The sensor analyzes the aura and the photon emissions of a human being. The golden plates of the touch pad detect the generated electric and magnetic signals.

The computer scans us at the seven layers: physical, energy, emotion, thought, relationship, soul and spirit levels.

It also examines the body processes taking place in the electric and magnetic fields.

It observes the electromagnetic waves emitted by the heart and the electromagnetic flows in the brain Based on these, just as a Global Positioning System, it shows where we are in our lives, where we are failing, and what a possible way out may be. It points out our strengths and weaknesses, our delusions and shows us our momentary mission in life. It can see the past, the present and possible future trends. Weeks or even months in advance, it is able to predict the development of disease before the manifestation at the physical level in the body.

In addition, it also shows the heavy metal loads in the body, vitamin deficiencies, allergies, information disturbance caused by vaccinations, but above all it provides those Matrix Drops products that inspire and also assist the body to return to a harmonious state. In addition, it recommends homeopathic remedies with appropriate potentials. It is also the first device that is capable of detecting and calling attention to entities that may be in our immediate vicinity.

The Matrix Drops Computer is the evidence for the existence of morphogenetic fields and the matrix-information quantum fields

Rupert Sheldrake started his research on morphogenetic fields at Cambridge University. All living things are connected through these fields, but the phenomenon of telepathy can also be explained by this connection.


Telepathic skills are, for example, when we feel that someone is staring at us from behind. A frequently observed phenomenon is that while people are thinking of each other, they call each other on the phone at the exact same time, or send e-mail at the exact same time. Everyone has repeatedly experienced such or similar cases. Research findings show how significant these phenomena are, i.e. they point out how significantly different they are from chance.

Why does science not inform the public about all this?

Military research analyses and applies telepathy in a wide range. All such research is treated as military and trade secrets. It seems easier for them to communicate that paranormal phenomena are coincidental. Thus they do not have to give weak explanations to any other sensitive, concealed questions. 

Telepathy is a generic skill that even animals possess. During the research dogs and cats were examined that knew exactly when their master would come home, and cats that did not like vets and always disappeared when their master wanted to take them to a vet. If before the call is made another person detects our intention of calling them from afar, it means that our thoughts and our intentions are not confined to the inside of our skulls, but they go far beyond the borders of the brain. It means that we have a closer connection to other people and the surrounding world than many people may think.

The species and the members of certain groups are related through the so-called morphic fields. When the members get further away from each other, the field is expanded, but it still holds the individuals together. These are the fundamentals of telepathy.

Sheldrake suggests in his work “A New Science of Life” that all systems are governed by invisible organizing forces in addition to the energy and other known material factors. These phenomena are also called causal fields because they serve as precursors for form and behavior models. These fields do not have energy in the general sense. Since the effects go beyond the barriers of space and time, we cannot list them among the laws of energetics. The information that gets into space is just as strong far away from us as it is in our immediate vicinity. It was observed that when an individual of a species acquires a new behavioral pattern, it could change the causal field of that species on Earth. If the new behavior is repeated several times, its “morphic resonance” could strongly affect the whole of the species.

Sheldrake has named this invisible matrix morphogenetic field after the words:  morph = form and genesis = creation.

The morphogenetic fields spread over space and time, and the patterns of actions are able to influence events taking place anywhere and at any time like a hologram.

Lyall Watson shows such an example in his book titled “Lifetide: The Biology of Consciousness”, in which he describes the theory popularly called “the theory of the hundredth monkey”. Watson saw that after a group of monkeys has learned certain behavior, the other monkeys living on another island also produced the same behavior in a novel way.

Studying the operation of the morphogenetic fields, we find that they are similar to the Matrix information quantum fields. In cases where people, who are actually not present during an assessment, are scanned through their relatives using Matrix Drops Computer, we can take advantage of this wonderful attribute of quantum space. This amazing Matrix-information field explains why the Matrix Drops formulations affect the absent person when these remedies tare taken by a relative or a member of the family with whom they have emotional or mental ties.

We know more and more about the fact how the quantum theory can be applied to living organisms.

The concept of resonance is very interesting in terms of the morphogenetic field theory. Things with vibrations at similar frequencies may interact with each other.

However, examining the Matrix information space when people, such as family members or those living in closer ties, are tuned to each other, we find that there is exchange of in between them.

Like other forms of vibrations, morphogenetic resonance is based on the principle of similarity. Researchers believe that this kind of vibration does not only exist in space, but also in time and that it is the basis of memory in Nature. These assumptions are confirmed by the Matrix Drops Computer and Matrix Drops products. The researchers of morphogenetic vibrations have felt the presence of another Matrix information space at a higher dimension.

However, the researchers of the morphogenetic field were only able to think of vibrations and energies. They felt that there is another kind of field, which is unaffected by the limitations of time and space, but they could not describe its nature.

During our Matrix Drops research, we have found clear evidence that the Matrix-information fields greatly outweigh the world of vibrations.

According to the universal laws of physics and energetics, the amount of energy is reduced by the square of the distance it has travelled. Matrix information we have examined show that the amount of information increases by the factor of the elapsed time to the fourth degree.

Memory is time rather than spatial relationship. Scientists having learned materialist principles are still looking for an answer to the question about where memories are stored. However, according to our results, the storing of memories, thoughts and feelings are Matrix information space phenomena in time and not in space.

Previously it was assumed that the memories are stored in the brain by altered nerve endings or synapses, or other things. However, biologists have searched for the possible storage places of memory for a long time because it is still unknown to us how and where the memories are stored in the brain.

In my opinion, memories are certainly not stored in the brain! The brain is like a holographic sensor or a projector, which is able to connect to the Matrix- information space as a “pendrive-like” storage unit.

After death, memories are not erased. During the course of research into near-death experiences, affected people experience pure thoughts, memories and a state of consciousness, while their brain is not functioning at all. It implies that the mind exists outside the physical body and independently of the brain. Following death, the brain starts to deteriorate after a certain period of time elapses. According to reports on necromancy, memories and information remain after death.

Morphogenetic studies substantially contributed to the birth of the Matrix Drops Computer. Due to the correct anticipation of researchers, the birth of the quantum physical knowledge of the Matrix information space was almost foretold.

We are happy to present the surprising, new results to all interested parties. All of these skills will soon be part of our minds as general knowledge.

In each historical era, people lived who had an insight into other dimensions by getting to a high level of consciousness. With our Matrix Drops Computer representing high-end technology, we want to achieve this level of consciousness.

Let me welcome the new explorers, founders of the future!



IMG_4580 (1).JPG

The path to enlightenment - with the help of the Matrix Drops Computer


Every soul has a different level of awareness. Therefore, they use different levels of consciousness when communicating with the world. As a result, we are unable to equally understand and comprehend the information we receive.

The human brain can only tune to things beyond the physical sensations, if the individual was born with special skills, or develops such skills (sixth sense) by practicing meditation. However, this dimension has its limitations.  Everyone is only able to tune to others at the level of their own consciousness.  Conscious development is only possible if someone is aware of their own capabilities, limitations, good and bad qualities. That is, if this person knows himself or herself very well.

By projecting the “objective personality image”, the Matrix Drops Computer provides useful orientation for us.

Proper self-knowledge can only be achieved through honesty and by experiencing life situations. It is not enough to admit our mistakes. We must also be able to change. One of the greatest gifts of our lives on Earth is that we can make our ideas – only theories at first – come true. It is the only way to get to a higher level of consciousness.

One path to enlightenment is to experience our own death – in a certain sense. Many people reported that after they had died they were transferred to another world – into the state of clinical death – and came back to their physical bodies from there. For them, the enlightenment is not some kind of a symbolic expression, but real experience in the literal sense.  They obtained evidence of the existence of life after death, or, in other words, about eternal life. Some people have reported about such journeys during their meditations.

Normally, if we understand and admit something it means the death of an earlier world we have imagined and the start of a new one. In this sense, every new beginning at a higher level of consciousness is an instance of, albeit minor, enlightenment. It is not the only goal of our lives to act properly, but it is equally important to learn positive thinking. We live in a physical body on Earth, so right at the moment of birth of any aggressive thought, it can be prevented that they become reality.

While analysing life situations, we can achieve one of the most significant phases of our development, the beginning of our conscious development. When someone realizes that they continuously play a role and therefore they cannot be honest with anyone, they are on the right track to find their true self after re-evaluating life.

The soul operates like a video camera. It records and stores everything that is happening to us in our lives. This "record" can be known by those who are able to tune to their own self or to other people. There are so called “clairvoyant” people who can reconstruct the events on the site of a crime even years later. They describe the participants, their motives and feelings with almost as much detail and precision as if it were happening right before their eyes. The space around them mediates and records the processes and stores them for an almost indefinite length of time. This is the proof that there is information storage and transmission between past and present reality. And it is possible to move between these dimensions.

We must pay close attention to the conscious construction of our soul. In the struggle for existence, it is a smaller loss to lose our physical body than to stay alive without soul. The development of personality, what we might call cosmic awakening to consciousness, leads to full spiritual development. The soul is able to untie its existence and perception from the bodily senses. 

Present discoveries encourage those people seeking true knowledge that not only the unknown lands should be studied, but also the foundations that they believed to be firm should be reviewed and revaluated in accordance with the level of consciousness they have achieved.

It is the basic characteristic of information and related essential qualities that they create similar things. Experiencing different situations, people are capable of handling thousands of pieces of information. The essential issue is whether they can actually understand the messages they receive or consider them as credible.

In the modern world, information mainly consists of instructions, programmes or "algorithms".  People obey instructions, if, as part of their upbringing, they were conditioned to not think. Brain scientists have found that there is a part of our brain where only unquestionable things are stored. When we hear new things that contradict them, our brain skips the new information almost automatically. We can say that they do not even reach our consciousness.

One of the most important stages of learning is when people are able to accept the facts that seemingly contradict their previous perceptions about the world. Our limitations and false ideas are then blown away.

I look forward to meeting all the curious people who would like to personally explore their own, or their family members’ or relatives’ spiritual, emotional, relationship or intellectual obstruction using the Matrix Drops computer.  Then resolve such issues with the Matrix Drops products.

                                                                                                                                                  András Kovács-Magyar

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7th sense

"Our new invention, the Matrix Drops Computer made it possible to reveal the real meaning of the seventh sense. Several people have asked us to unblock their loved ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances' spiritual, emotional, relationship blocks, and traumas with the Matrix Drops."

How can we help when the desired loved one is not present during the MDC test?

We run a test on the absent patient through his/her morphogenetic field through their relatives, friends, and acquaintances. The MDC Computer requires 1 minute concentration to analyze the absent patient and hooks on to his/her past and present concurrently. The accuracy of the measurements and solving present tasks, personal development beyond amuses professionals and people seeking the MDC tests. The holographic content of Matrix Drops shows the way out from our fate's disturbing currents.

Always existed people with unique capabilities whom could surpass the boundaries of time and space. They were able to look into higher dimensions and worlds.

People blessed with this talent, is called the 6th sense (ESP-Extrasensory Perception).

With the help of advanced technology and our Matrix Drops software, we have reached an extraordinarily high technically conscious level, thus perhaps even surpassed it. Our MDC Computer transformed the subjective insights into objective ones. Due to this transformation, we reached a higher level than the 6th sense. This intuitive dimension is measurable with the 7th sense.

With the MDC we are able to carry out computer based measurements and insights of latent dimensions.

As the sixth sense is already well known, therefore I'll intent to clarify the difference between the sixth and seventh sense by explaining the basic concepts.

Light as we know it concurrently possesses time and material nature of the wave (according to Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie, light and all other object have wave and particle nature as well). We know the speed of light; 300.000 km/h other physical, and its energetic properties as well.

However 'inner lightness' is a completely different concept than ‘light’. 'Lightness' is a pervasive information itself. Information is reality or partially reflective part of reality. Regardless of time and space, information is present throughout the universe. No need to understand or perceive its existence, it manifests regardless.

Information doesn't depend on energy or vibration. Cosmic 'inner light' is the source of all existence, the 'highest' reality. Impossible it is to detect this light with our five sense. We can only recognize it from within through meditation.

When observing a deceased person, we might ask if it’s real or a faux. Who is she/he? What is it? It's hard to conclude the right answer.

Exists a physical life and a universal light. I don't mean the 'light' which makes 300,000 km per second, but the 'inner light' which moves with unmeasurable speed. An inner light, that doesn't need to penetrate because it’s present everywhere. This 'inner light' serves as a living example of the universe. Knowledgeable people seek such 'inner lightness'. This essence manifests through us and from within.

Significant discovery in the XXI. century; detection of living systems' essential skills with the MDC and tuning the balance of the generated information blocks and disturbances in the body with our Matrix Drops products.

Things appear real only when we perceive them as real and are detectable. Therefore, understanding of them depends only on the observer's consciousness. Swiss psychiatrist, C.G. Jung said, "Who looks outside, dreams, pays attention to the inner world, wakes up." To wake up we need to crave the truth.

Physical rules apply in the physical world. Rules of waves and vibrations are also true up to a certain level. However, in the world of information different rules surface.

Contrary to all those in the world of information, the amount of information increases exponentially with time: during the use of information it doesn't get destroyed, but re-used many times. In the case of information, sign transformation happens through an entirely different way.

The information is not tied to the physical world with vibrations and wave particles. These pure information carriers are called, MD products. Exceeding the physical and energetic levels, neither of the laws of physics nor wave are valid.

Must get familiar with a new concept: entropy- considered as negative information, force that causes chaos, and lack of information within the system. External data, any news from the outside (media, Tv, radio etc) doesn’t terminate uncertainty in the mind. Pure information is subjective (has an effect on us even when not received). It will remove the chaotic uncertainness and chaos encountered within us.

In the case of the sixth sense, entropy is still present. This particular lack of information, moreover confusion can be surpassed by the MDC seventh/7th sense objectivity.

How is this possible? The MDC computer has all the information contained in the Matrix Drops, derived from the elements of nature. In our memory we can encounter several holographic manifestations of emotional traumas. With the help of our Computer that runs these holograms on us, the Computer can detect recurring thoughts, traumas and disturbances affecting us.

One of the special gifts of the MDC is the capability of running a MDC test on our absent loved ones through a morphological field. Doesn’t only explore our personality but analysis the desired, absent one as well. Interest of areas: current fate, physical, psychological traumas suffered from emotional blocks and thoughts. Internal deformations may be a result of heavy metal accumulations and vaccination side effects, generated disturbances in our body.

The Matrix Drops Computer is a special device which is able to provide clear, blunt answers to the representatives of science and spirituality.

With the objective exploration of information blocks, disturbances, an opportunity will evolve to correct and harmonize such challenges with the help of the Matrix Drops products.

Some people might reject taking the MD products but once their relatives start to take them it affects their morphogenetic field. It was effective much that the skeptical ones got better as well. Let this serve as proof of the existence of the morphogenetic fields.

If you consider the above reading fascinating enough I'm looking forward to personally introduce you, and your loved ones, and favorite pets to this world. Thank you for your attention throughout our journey to the seventh dimension, which is a significant part of the Matrix Drops protocol!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     András Kovács-Magyar