The Matrix Drops Computer is our internal world’s portal

I called the Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) our internal world’s portal that provided me with individualized multi-dimensional guidance. Pythagoras’s world view, models, and maps are only good for earthly orientation; yet they don't explain emotional and spiritual heights.  I came to understand with the Matrix Drops Protocol (MDP) that even the most modern period is not technicality, but rather an approach.

The “killing protections” and the avoidance of harmful effects, as explained by the MDP, brought unusual liberation into my life.

The misbelief of avoidance of sunlight must be communicated to people, since the biggest obstacle for D vitamin infiltration are sun protecting factors found in creams.

Being exposed to harmful, negative earth resonances initiate malignant processed and have chaotic impact on our energy structure and nearly all organs.  Gluten, milk, egg-white, sugar, hormone treated animal meat; these are all destructive and non-nutritional substances accumulating in us, and could be the source of autoimmune illnesses.

Many nowadays recognize and acknowledge side effects of vaccinations that result in health energy and information disturbances.

I have experienced all of the above on my own skin, but with the help of the MDP I learned a way out from the problems. It is not easy to put down our old lifestyle and pleasant (but harmful habits), but the influence of the MDP, their seduction fades away. Pursuant to this, I even manage to maintain my ideal weight, since I purged the aforementioned non-nutrients from my diet.

The followers of eugenics manipulate populations. Some examples are genetically modified food consumption, and usage of synthetic chemicals by the food industry. I admit that in our modern, changed environment we are forced to build up our personality through these new approaches. However, when I first felt that my mind irradiated by the MDP approach, I immediately started walking on my life culture’s new path. I put down my old ways of thinking, since they did not reflect today’s reality. Instead of being bound as a seeker of sentiment, emotional and spiritual labyrinths, instead I build on truth, trust and self-confidence as the function of my highbrow and self-portrait. in today’s society people are their own biggest enemy, because they don’t know themselves well.

Unknown until the advent of the MDP, our quintessential being, strength as well as weaknesses, delusions, and actual fate task, are phenomenally revealed. 

We recommend putting down old viewpoints, persuasions and misbeliefs with the MDP guidance, and create new habits to achieve a successful, happier and balanced life .

“To receive something of value from life, you must do something you have never done before. Change!” The MDC was born to awaken our self-recognition, correspondence and to teach us to enjoy the process of acquiring knowledge.

To the contrary of all the above, we can try to recognize a phenomena that has been going on for decades. Most of knowledge acquired in modern education is not benefiting the human character or spiritual progress, but rather serves the evolution of industry and business. In other words, if someone has a strong educational background it does not necessarily mean that this person is practical. The secret of our success is not measured in quantity, but rather in quality. The knowledge we represent depends on our quality of life and our self-recognition. The process by which the MDC opens the gates to achieving this promise is a truly unique power.

People who are emotionally balanced are able to discover their personality’s infinity, and strongly believe in getting to know the infinity of character of people around them.  Cynic individuals neither believe in themselves, nor trust others. The MDC only suggested me those intricacies that my spirit was willing to bring to the surface from my subconscious, then carefully selected Matrix Drops to gently facilitate the change process.

Viktoria Magyar






Living a completely new life thanks for Matrix Drops

There was a lady using the ‘Drops’ for a while already. However her husband was skeptical yet. One morning they had a quarrel. The lady was much more heated, than what the situation would bring forth normally. She just was not able to handle her emotions, overreacting, she struggled, and fought. It was not the first time that this was happening.

She knew, that the Matrix Drops Computer measures the actual emotional blocks, internal and external traumas of our being, just as the unbalanced behaviors at the very moment of scan. The computer selects the adequate Drops regarding each individual’s necessity. The computer has identified the problem. It was so accurate, what she could not imagine before. She has read her feelings shown on the screen, to the utmost accuracy, better than how she could ever put them in words herself. She did buy the drops right away, and started taking them. Then she went to work then home and had such a relaxing goodnight sleep the very same night. The next day she woke up perfectly rested. She felt completely a new person.

She has been regularly visiting places since she was 20 to handle her emotional problems, keeping her life manageable, so she did not even remember how the sleep through the night and wake up rested. She was previously dealing with constant pain in the belly area throughout her life but this morning was different. The pain was totally gone and vanished. Like it had never even been there.

Her muscles were relaxed and well rested. She said to me later that day, that before it felt like she had a bag of soil inside. But from this morning that same part of her body has felt healed and cleansed. This feeling was very much like she felt when watching TV ads about shampoos, with beautiful, clean, shiny, airy hair, blown by the breeze. Her husband noticed the changes immediately and even remarked on her surprising attitude change. Hearing it she decided to tell him the whole story from the beginning. She said following their morning conversation she went to have herself scanned, because she knew it would work surprisingly well. She always wanted to change and she has realized the time has come. Her husband was still skeptical. But she just went on and told him how well the computer has described her physical, mental and emotional state. He asked her to mention some points from the analysis. So she did.

By the time she finished he was astonished. He could not believe what he just heard. It was shockingbecause the test result was very precise not only about her feelings, but it gave an exact description about what the outsiders experienced and felt about her, and her behavior. The husband got under the effects of what he just experienced and heard. He asked her wife to explain it again how the whole method works. Listening to her, his perspective of the Matrix Drops Protocol has changed forever. Her whole story impressed him deeply. A day before he would not believe that all these changes could ever happen.

This lady has been living a completely new life since. Using the drops she was able to identify and look at the real source of her frustration from the past. Thus, by now she is able to separate the impact of her past from impressions in the present. Which means that her reactions reflect real situations, not stringed memories. She is 45 years old. For the past 25 years she was struggling with relationship and job issues and going through “survival mode”. Now she is able to change the punishing attitude thanks to the Matrix Drops Computer and Drops of Andras Kovacs-Magyar.






Farewell to Jetlag

Thanks to Matrix Drops #915, during our 6-day long trip to Florida from Hungary, we had felt fresh, upbeat and were not affected by the adverse effects of Jetlag.  This allowed me to more effectively build new friendships with colleagues at my company, and, during meetings with members of the executive management of the business, I was able to stay sharp and focused.  To sum it up, we enjoyed every minute of the trip in the exquisite surroundings.


Even more remarkable was the fact that after arriving back home, I didn't fall victim to the way too familiar sudden wave of drowsiness and sleepiness due to the Jetlag effect that’s so common after a transatlantic journey.

Following the advice of Ildikó and András, both my wife and I used up an entire bottle of Matrix Drops #915 in each direction of the trip.  Per the instructions, we started taking the drops in the evening prior to our departure for Florida and continued to take them approximately hourly during the trip until we consumed the entire bottle.  We followed the same regimen on the way back.. 

From now on, every journey spanning multiple time zones I will embark on equipped with Matrix Drops #915, so I can prevent the unwanted side effect of travel referred to as Jetlag.  Thank you for this great advice and for the simple, yet so effective preventive remedy!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Imre Solymosi




The Matrix Drops Computer recognized a spiritual entity

A nice three-member family visited our Matrix Drops center early July.


They have come for a check-up test into the Matrix Drops store. They only asked for a short analysis, because they wanted to alleviate their current concerns, to move on, using Matrix Drops at the recommended highest percentage.

After the measurement, Mária, a lady in her early twenties, inquired whether the machine showed the attachment of any entity /shadow personality/ to her.

It is not a frequent question and I was a bit surprised, so I asked why she thought of that.

"At times, my energy level falls, I become listless, indifferent and I feel depressed. It's a different feeling, restlessness, I feel different, it is like a suggestion. I cannot describe it with words, it is a weird and not a good feeling"- she replied.

The measurements confirmed Mary's feelings. The Matrix Drops Computer sent the message "Entity possible" after the measuring. We helped Mária to find the solution in our office. Our colleague helped the spirit that was attached to her pass to afterlife, and she has taken the drops chosen by the machine to harmonize her fine body.

The words are connected to our physically touchable being, while the feelings are part of our quantum physical existence. Therefore, it is difficult to put our feelings into words. In fact, there are no words for them, they can only be described. 

The poets and writers are the masters and artists of the oral presentation of our quantum physical world – our feelings, thoughts, soul, relationships and spirit. Multiple experiences can lead us to recognize the feelings, even without the help of Matrix Drops Computer, that clearly indicate the presence of a spirit – entity – that is connected to our person.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Edit Agócs,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Matrix Drops trainer





Thanks to the Matrix Drops, my osteophyte has disappeared

A man has called upon me asking us to do a Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) analysis.


He had no particular problems, but he was wondering whether there is a function which is mistuned in his body due to the daily stress. I gladly complied with his request, because it is advantageous if someone visits us when they do not have any complaints yet. However, the measurements showed that he ate improperly and was prone to gluttony that comes from stress. He mostly preferred candies and dairy products. The Matrix Drops Computer proposed the no. 341 drops for him.

He said, yes, it was true. He plays football actively and because of the workouts and his daily engagements, he does not always have proper meals. He usually has some snacks in the evenings, especially when he watches television and before football matches. He had never thought about it and his anxiety could also increase because of the outcome of matches. Based on the inspirations of the test, he understood the need to change his eating habits.

The MDC recommended the no. 311 drops for him.

A few weeks later he came back and was pleased to tell me that he no longer ate any snacks in the evenings, and he was careful of what he ate. He also noticed that the osteophyte he had from his trainers (and could not do anything about and hurt a lot so far) has shrunk to half.  He asked me in surprise: could it be possible?

Indeed, if the soul is in harmony, the unwanted physical problems may also be solved. Or even luckier, if they do not develop at all, because we keep up our spiritual balance. The Matrix Drops Computer offered a great opportunity for prevention in this case.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Éva Martin
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Matrix Drops Computer trainer






Underlying psychological problems causing hot flushes were cured with Matrix Drops

A 43-year-old lady visited our office with menstrual problems.


She told us her periods were irregular, her breasts were painful and she suffered from wind. She could not find a solution to these problems anywhere.

The problems manifested in the physical body are the projections of information disorders in our higher regions – in our energy, emotional, thought, relationship, psychological, and spiritual bodies. If we find the cause or the causes, the change takes place at physical level, too.

The Matrix Drops Computer revealed the following cause: jealousy. I asked the lady whether she feels jealousy. She and her husband looked at each other, the husband smiled kindly and nodded: yes, they have this problem in their marriage. It was also revealed that the wife was struggling with the following undesirable characteristics: internal unrest, lack of freedom, lack of composure, anxiety and fear. The computer showed these disturbances and recommended taking the 305 F Matrix Drops.  

As the couple has already had success with the Matrix Drops products, it was no question whether they would like to take these drops home.

The feedback we have received revealed that the lady’s composure has spectacularly returned on the first week and the family atmosphere and its quality have greatly improved, too.

After one month, the problems around the main problem were also solved.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Emőke Illés
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       MDC Trainer






Plaques, calcified deposits have disappeared from the carotid artery

As a student of András Kovács-Magyar, I have often heard: he is not asking us to believe in what he had taught us unconditionally, but we should experience and see the miracle of change. The clean process of experiencing increases our awareness and helps our development.


Now I wish to share with you the "miracle" that happened to me a few weeks ago.

At my workplace, I participated in a managers’ screening. It is usually repeated once in every two years, so I can compare my results to my previous test results.

The first miracle I have never heard of before and not even the doctor, who examined me, wanted to believe was what the scan of my carotid artery showed: the plaque - calcified deposit – diagnosed two years ago has completely disappeared. During a very conscientious and thorough examination, she was unable to find the earlier deposit. Such things do not happen, do they? They do, and I have experienced it.

The second miracle was just the confirmation and result of a previously started process. Those who have thyroid problems and must take L-thyroxine know quite well that it is a burden for a lifetime, there is no medical solution; there is no cure.

After the birth of my children, I was diagnosed with thyroid inflammation and I started taking L-thyroxine....

In the community of András Kovács-Magyar and Ildikó Kovács-Magyar, first their colleague performed a spiritual thyroid surgery on me. Then, following many pieces of useful advice received from Ildikó Kovács-Magyar, which improved my quality of life, I was taking Matrix Drops products. My feeling of safeness was improved by Ildikó’s advice. She told me I should wait for the results of the semi-annual laboratory tests, and then I should consult my physician, who prescribes my medicines, whether the L-thyroxine dose I am taking can be reduced.

The results of two years of perseverance were encouraging: I was allowed to reduce the dose of the medicine after each test, and, finally, I could stop taking it.

Now let us go back to the managers’ screening I have just mentioned. Although the scan has showed traces (nods) of the earlier thyroiditis, the examining doctor believes that they are at rest; there is no sign of any inflammation. Such things do not happen, do they? They do, and I have experienced it.

What’s more... During the test, they asked my age several times, because they did not want to believe that I was 58 years old.

Miracles happen to us every day, but we have tasks to do to achieve them.

  • We do not sleep above harmful earth radiations, though we could place our bed in a nicer corner in our bedroom.
  • Our family eats gluten-free food.
  • Gradually, we get rid of the harmful effects – loads – in our body: the significant amounts of heavy metals and toxins accumulated in our body.
  • We do our best to get rid of the false beliefs we sometimes conceal even from ourselves.
  • We learn continuously and work on our progress.

It is that simple: we follow the Matrix Drops protocol.

I wish similar beautiful miracles and experience to everyone.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           With love, Katalin Szalontai Vigné



I've been dealing with chronic allergy symptoms over the past 20 years


My allergy symptoms started to show 20 years ago. I had high fever and food allergy to shellfish. My doctor recommended medical treatment. Despite all this, my allergy symptoms’ intensity increased within a short time and a few years later I was diagnosed with severe asthma.  Right after that I started to have sleeping disorders. I used to choke and suffer from respiratory distress. During that state I also had skin problems caused by allergic reactions and had red spots all over on my face and arms.

This is when a good friend of mine introduced me to András. He measured a harmful terrestrial radiation that was going over my upper torso.  I am an engineer who is dedicated to the renewable energy sector, but I’ve never heard of terrestrial radiation and harmful flows of groundwater. As recommended by András treatments were not physical or chemical interventions, had nothing to lose so I went through with it.

Engineer, Eczeti Mihály, measured the radiation that was crossing right under my bed. After replacing the bed where it was free of terrestrial radiation, I received positive energy treatments from András and he cleaned my aura. He advised a number of steps to finally recover my health, strength. Éva Martin had made a full body analysis with one of the computers and detected the same energy level disturbances. I left out food allergens from my diet those which were recommended by Dr. Palus Attila. Received foot massages regularly from Kopcsányi Márta. In two months my symptoms gradually disappeared, since then I have been in excellent condition, shape and free of allergic symptoms.

My father was a diplomat and as a result, I have lived in several countries including: China, Cuba, England, USA, and now I live in Spain. In no part of the world I have been able to slow down the fast development of my allergy symptoms. Thank you for the recovery and help! I strongly recommend all of you this excellent cure:  Magyar András Kovács.

                                                                                                                                                                                              engineer, Jorge de la Torre