Dr. Andrea Vencel with Freddy

Dr. Andrea Vencel with Freddy


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When Natasa my golden retriever dog was 7 years old, she started to limp on her right back leg. When I saw her bunny-hopping on three legs, I took her to the veterinarian. The vet diagnosed her with hip dysplasia. Natasa can be symptom and pain-free only after she undergoes an operation. The veterinarian recommended a joint- eliminating operation because of the degeneration of the joint (arthrosis). In these cases by the removal of the damaged joint surfaces which are the source of pain in the hip a „false joint” is formed. (in case of Natasa they would remove the femoral head from the joint). This „false joint” can allow Natasa a pain-free movement, but the movement of the joint is more restricted than in a healthy case. The recovery time after the operation would have been three months. And physiotherapy of the operated leg plays an important role too. We found the operation too drastic that’s why we did not choose the traditional treatment. I have given my dog by the Matrix Drops Computer recommended Matrix Drops 3-4 times a day. She drunk it from my palms and we poured it to her drinking water too. In two weeks her gait has improved and in eight weeks we have seen her full recovery. It happened two years ago. Since then she has been symptom-free, although she is 9 years old now. According to the vet these painful symptoms might intensify with the age. I am very grateful to the Matrix Drops for the pain-free solution. Natasa did not have to undergo any surgery.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Livia Zaicsek



Molly, our 5 years old white-brown cocker spaniel for two years has had often false pregnancy. We got her from a dog breeder. One of the most common signs was mammary gland enlargement with the production of milk. She displayed maternal (mothering) behavior. Molly got the appropriate treatment from our veterinarian which resulted in the cessation of the production of milk. Despite she developed again and again false pregnancy. Retention of milk in the mammary glands can lead to acute, very painful mastitis, or forming of abscess, or even evolution of tumors. I decided to measure Molly with the Matrix Drops Computer to see what Matrix Drops recommends her the computer. In spring 2013 she took 4 bottles from the 744 S Matrix Drops. Since then she has been two times on a heat and hasn’t shown any signs of the false pregnancy.

Betty Kadar, Satu Mare


A month ago, a dog owner came to me to help her dog, Furfang, who was struggling with three main issues. She is a Mudi breed known to be excellent working and herding dogs.  2 years ago Furfang had a complicated cartilage surgery, and since then the Mudi was frequently crying, barking and suffering from nightmares during sleep. Additionally, his rear right leg was weak and dropped with fatigue from running or any excessive physical exercise. Furfang often hurt himself due to this extreme rear leg fatigue syndrome. Today Furfang is 13 years old and for many years free of signs of wanting to mate a female. In all practical sense, the dog was not neutered and effectively showed no interest for females. It is interesting and important to mention that there is a possibility to diagnose/measure the dog (and all pets); whereby the dog owner concentrates their thoughts on his or her dog for about a minute. This is exactly what happened and after a short analysis and discussion, we chose three Matrix Drops for the dog, namely: 2S, 46K, 532F. Positive results emerged right away. After a week, Furfang stopped whining and barking in his dreams. Even though his back leg is still not perfect, he neither drops to the floor from fatigue nor does he feel tiredness from play at his old age. Nevertheless, Furfang a few days ago during a walk, to his owner’s biggest surprise, willingly and happily went after a female dog and started developing a courtship. Additionally, because Matrix Drops are most palatable for pets, there is no need for strategy or masking to have Furfang take his regimen, like in the case of getting him to swallow his old cartilage pills. The fact is, as soon as he hears the sound of the Matrix Drops bottles tinkling, Furfang runs to the owner without delay and holds up his head awaiting for new information to come into his mouth through the drops.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Edith A.