Sunscreen (factorless)

Sunscreen (factorless)


Sunscreen - sunscreen with high protection - For protection against external effects. The first product of our era which replaces the chemical sunscreen products. The information encoded into the product supports the defense of the skin.

Rhododendron plant stem cell, sweet almond, carotene, Shorea butter

The pampering quintessence of skin care with intelligent and charming attitude. Thanks to its carotene content, it moisturizes the skin and gives it a healthy tint even without sunbathing. During sunbathing, it provides exceptional and strong protection, renews and revitalizes the damaged, dehydrated and irritated skin. It always provides complete protection against the harmful rays of the sun. In winter, during skiing, it protects the skin from the strong radiation and from drying. It substitutes the sunscreen products containing chemical substances. In order to achieve wonderful harmony, use it parallel with the 307 Matrix Drops product. A multifunctional protective cream which harmonizes with all skin types.

150 ml 5.1 FL OZ

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